Artwork by NUDGE Designs

‘Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’ Pablo Picasso

Penny has been interested in illustration, sketching and calligraphy all her life. She can remember practising fluent handwriting on a chalkboard at her primary school and getting praise for it!

She has used her sketching and calligraphy skills in many different settings – including tree labels for the National Trust, certificate calligraphy for local colleges, wedding invitations, special birthday cards and house-moving postcards. She also paints and illustrates what she sees.

A view of Liverpool for a special Liverpudlian! 


‘I sometimes say that my lot in life is to make meaning and my artwork is all geared up to this – lets try and make something better understood through a pencil drawing and a bit of colour’. 


Penny  has illustrated various aspects of Chinese Medicine, particularly for acupuncture students, that may be of interest to you. Her recent Annual Review on a Page can be seen below and has been commended by professional business HR people locally.
One of the pieces of work added here is a mandala I drew whilst away especially designed for my Nepali friend as a thank you for wonderful support and companionship. And a recently added quiz for a specialist trekking company who wanted to orient their members for setting off. Let me know what you think.
A recent addition is a sketch of Sandhurst Military Academy. I can draw any building that is special to you. Just get in touch!
Please contact Penny directly for more information and sample pages.









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