Acupuncture Basics

The following pages provide you with a range of materials that describe the origins and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The concept of  Yin and Yang is explained, together with the notion of homeostasis and the efforts to create balance.

Evidence based research is important to all diligent practitioners and this section links readers Fact Sheets from BAcC provide details about 30 common conditions that acupuncture can help with.

A short section is reserved for health care professionals, which outlines the way in which acupuncture can be integrated with NHS care. BAcC offer support to healthcare professionals to inform them about how they might integrate acupuncture into treatment plans.

The FAQs page provides a link  to a short video  that answers 16 frequently asked questions. This page also walks you through an acupuncture treatment, gives a photograph that shows the relative size of an acupuncture needle and deals with the issue of needle-fear.