Definition of the word Nudge: A Gentle Push …

The practice of acupuncture seeks to ‘nudge’ the body and mind to ‘remember’ what it does when it works well, when the whole system is flowing smoothly and effortlessly. By placing the needles at significant points in the body, the practitioner is ‘inviting’ the patient to return to wellness. Acupuncture needles are very gentle and offer a tiny impulse to the body to change and return to balance. Application of acupressure and acupuncture gives the body a gentle push in the right direction.

So NUDGE seemed appropriate because it symbolises my approach to my patients. We are in this together and my role is to nudge, whilst your job is to concentrate on getting better!

Let me know what you think of the name NUDGE ….


Ethical practice

There is more to NUDGE as a business and a way of making a living. Nudge has its heart a set of ethical principles that drive how the business is conducted, not just what it seeks to achieve. It is my belief that it is as important to conduct oneself ethically in all aspects of the business side of the company as it is to behave ethically when dealing with patients.

NUDGE practice is typified by:








Please ask me about these principles when we meet.

The standards set by the BAcC give an assurance to your patients that you are a safe, competent and fully accountable professional. The Code of Professional Conduct, in conjunction with the Code of Safe Practice, sets out clear principles of good practice and professional behaviour to which all BAcC members agree to adhere.

The Codes make a powerful statement of my commitment to running my practice professionally, safely and ethically. The Codes are regularly revised and updated to ensure they meet the requirements of current legislation and best practice. Please contact BAcC directly if you wish to obtain the wording of the Codes, or i am happy to supply you with copies on request.