About Nudge

NUDGE is an enterprise running a number of clinics in the North West. The community based acupuncture practice is at The Energise Centre, Douglas Green, Salford. Penny also runs a private clinic from Lancaster. To learn more about NUDGE activities follow me on my blog. Use the contact details on other pages to contact me directly to discuss your needs.

Close up pulsesHere are some comments from patients of NUDGE

I just can’t thank you enough Penny – the awful ‘stop-me-in-my-tracks’ pain has completely stopped

thank you for everything u are a lovely person and excellent therapist :))

I’ve had no acute pain at all after three treatments. And this has been happening for 20 years. I feel great

Penny you’re an angel! I’m not coming back because I don’t like the needles, but you are great

Although my [condition] hasn’t improved I feel as though I’m getting real benefit from coming to see you once a week. If I can relax for 20 mins a week it really helps me cope with my anxiety

What makes Penny a special acupuncturist is the way she really listens and takes care of the emotional side of things

After the first treatment I felt so much calmer and I really began to believe that I could cope. I could hardly believe it

your clinic room has a wonderful calming feel to it. I’m not sure what it is, is it the smells or the colours. I don’t know. I just know I like coming in here each week

Penny I’m feeling so much more relaxed! I still have some soreness in my neck but I was expecting that as it was so painful to begin with! Thank you so much and see you Friday

I could raise my arm above my head straight away. It felt so much easier. Thankyou

I suppose I’ve been coming for about three months now and although progress has been very slow, I am definitely feeling and looking better than I have for a long long time. Penny has a special skill in seeing her patients as whole people, with lots going on. I really value that. It helps.

You really do something very special with those needles – I feel so much better all round.

I’ve only had one small headache in four weeks after feeling overwhelmed by them three months ago. 

I’ve still got a long way to go but my stomach issues are better than they’ve been for seven years.

Thanks again for everything, you really have made a huge difference to me and my family.

.. you really do have magic hands! That’s it!

My acupuncture treatment at Nudge over the past few months has had a definite beneficial effect on both my physical and emotional well being. The Nudge experience is one of exceptional professionalism together with personal care. As a patient I feel I am listened to and understood

“I’m finding the session helpful and my acupuncturist and myself we discuss together which treatment I would benefit on that day”

Every session with Penny is a valuable opportunity for me to understand myself on so many levels

Penny has a very joined up approach – every session was a pleasure even if it involves needles!

Really important sliding scale service offered by Nudge, ensuring the benefits of acupuncture are available to all.

i had a serious trAffic accident in uganda in 2013. After the first life saving operation in kampala, i found out that i needed further surgery ( two  more operations as it turned out) to repair my badly fractured pelvis ( my right hip socket had neen shattered) and give me a new hip. due to the severity of the injury…after my hip socket was repaired, i had eight months to wait before i could have my new hip. during this time i used  crutches …on one leg….and spent many months in the house, as i could not get out without help. while i have excellent surgeons and physio support, i really wanted a therapist who could support me on a healing journey which was going be much longer than i had first expected and whose skills would compliment those of the surgeons and physios providing a holistic overview. penny has been and continues to be a wonderful support. not only is she a generous and gifted healer she is an extremely wise and intuitive counsellor with an excellent sense of humour …and one ear definitely tuned to the divine.

… so many many thanks penny..for helping me through very challenging times.

and for helping me get back on my feet … with a shimmy in my step!

You are keeping my headaches at bay and for that I am eternally grateful.

When I don’t come my stomach gets considerably worse. I need to come to keep it at a reasonable level.