My MA research receives commendation

Just wanted to share the news that the research for my MA in Professional Practice at Lancaster University has received a commendation and I want to thank everyone who has supported me on this learning journey. I have uploaded a summary of. the content here.

The academic feedback included:

“A fascinating enquiry into the explanatory models used in acupuncture between practitioners and clients. You conducted action research with multiple cycles, leading to the development of tangible outcomes, including an information sheet for practitioners and engagement with your wider ‘community of practice’ in acupuncture.  The report demonstrates excellent understanding of the professional context – with detailed analysis of the various perspectives through which this practice may be understood.

You reflected on your original intention to improve clinical outcomes and the extent to which you achieved this objective. This is followed by an in depth reflection on your methodological choices – here you demonstrate an excellent understanding of the potential of this research to support change – your research philosophy if you like – which is closely aligned to your values and practice.

Overall, you have presented a very strong investigation into your field of professional practice, leading to a clear strategy and tangible outcomes to improve practice.”

Go me!