Water at Airports

Having recently flown from Manchester Airport and noticed how people are struggling because they cannot take water through the security controls – here is a handy bit of information about how to access free water fountains at each of the terminals. You are allowed to take an empty bottle or flask through security. Just fill up after you’re through – and avoid dehydration!Manchester Airport gave us these instructions for finding water fountains in each of its terminals:

T1 departures – A water fountain can be found on the left side of the corridor after you leave security area A. If you’re exiting security area B, you’ll see it as you enter the corridor that leads into the first concourse.
T2 departures – There’s a water fountain after the security area, in the corridor towards departures.
T3 departures – A water fountain is located in the corridor between the Trattoria Milano restaurant and the Lion and Antelope pub.
T1 arrivals – A water fountain can be found in the level 4 UK Border Agency queuing area, right by the toilets.
T2 arrivals – There’s a water fountain at immigration.
T3 arrivals – The water fountain is in the international baggage reclaim hall.