Ageing and Wellbeing

Take a look at our esteemed colleague Peter Deadman’s blogpost on ageing by clicking here. What an interesting read. My Cheshire East colleagues bought me book tokens when I Left so that I could buy Peter’s book Live Well Live Long. i decided to take a year to read it – every page is a wonderful gift.


Live Well Live Long explores the wonderful Chinese tradition of nourishing life (yangsheng). Continuously developed over more than 25 centuries, it serves as a workshop manual for the care of the human body, mind and spirit. Its teachings can help us improve our health and lengthen our lives through cultivating our mind, emotions, diet, exercise, sleep, sexual behaviour and much more. And as this book reveals, these teachings are comprehensively backed up by the findings of modern lifestyle research.

At the same time, the world has changed radically since the early days of yangsheng teachings. This book also shows how its core principles can offer solutions to many of the challenges we face today: climate change, sustainability, social injustice and more.

Hardback, 425 pages, published 2016.

Elegant and accessible, informative but undogmatic, comprehensive yet not boastful.  It is a magnificent achievement, especially in the way in which it incorporates knowledge and wisdom from many cultures with no conspicuous friction.  Deadman  recognises and acknowledges many uncertainties and gaps in our knowledge, yet articulates an illuminating and authoritative narrative.”

Erik Millstone, Professor of Science Policy at the University of Sussex

“Elegantly written and diligently referenced; this book is an ultimate guide for wellbeing. The uncompromising relevance of this book makes it a must for all TCM practitioners and a first recommendation to all our patients.”

Yanan Kim, Teamor Tea Tailors, Australia

“This is a beautiful book. It is written in a way that would make it accessible to anyone, while at the same time conveying important, well researched and useful items of knowledge. A great book to have on the shelf, for the chapters are very clear so it’s easy to dip into if you want advice on a particular subject. A rich array of wisdomous tips to live a long and healthy life which have their conception in Chinese medicine, however they are all backed up with western/modern research. I highly recommend.”