Anxiety – new research

Anxiety is such a debilitating state and common to so many of us these days. Acupuncture can really help. Here is an interesting article from Psyblog that brings together some relatively new thinking about anxiety and how to manage it. 
The main findings are concerned with:

  • People with anxiety tend to be more ‘agreeable’
  • Omega 3 can help
  • Optimistic thinking can reduce anxious thoughts
  • Neurotic thinking predicts anxiety and low mood
  • A lack of REM sleep can make anxiety worse
  • Even online versions of CBT can reduce anxious thoughts
  • Stress and anxiety have the same circuitry in the brain as depression and dementia
  • Brain training, such as simple attention tasks, can reduce the effects of anxiety
  • One article questions the side effects of some anxiety drugs including the family of Benzodiazapenes

By the way I may have recommended the YouTube videos by Christine Korol for a range of CBT methods. She is a really lovely Canadian Doctor and I’ve really enjoyed her down to earth approach. Have a look at this one for sleep problems –

PS. I do check out the source articles for the Psyblog material and most of it comes from peer reviewed Journals with an impact factor of 3 or over. Happy to discuss the significance of these articles for colleagues and patients with research geekiness in their hearts!