5,000 year old ‘Ice Man’ bears signs of acupuncture

This is a story from the Niagara Gazette. Not new of course, but interesting start to a more general summary of acupuncture. Fascinating though …

On a sunny day in September 1991, two German travelers were hiking in the Alps bordering Austria and Italy. Upon descending from the mountain, they decided to take a shortcut, leaving the marked trail. As they walked, they noticed something brown in the distance. They assumed this was just a pile of rubbish left by other trailblazers. To their horror, as they approached, they realized they had stumbled upon a human corpse.
These German hikers found the remains of Ötzi the Iceman – a 5,300 year old Neolithic man. Preserved by snow and ice, his body was incredibly intact, as were his dagger, tools, copper axe, grass cloak, loin cloth, shoes, and other personal effects. Amongst other fascinating discoveries were tattoos that covered his body. What was particularly interesting about these tattoos was that where they were located coincide perfectly with specific acupuncture points.