Exciting NUDGE news – a new clinic! 

I am delighted to be joining Professor Mei Xing and the new Manchester Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Sale Clinic. I am adding a private acupuncture clinic to my community practice in Manchester as I build my offer to Mancunians across the range of ability to pay. 
This is exciting for me because I am about to retire from my Cheshire East job and looking forward to a more leisurely pace of life. Of course this doesn’t mean stopping work, but the portfolio of activities I am building in retirement will allow for creativity and new ideas, plus idling and wandering! I am saying YES to all sorts of new experiences …
The Academy is an exciting development so close to my home and there will be excellent training opportunities there, as well as being part of Mei’s vision for excellent practice development. Take a look by clicking here. To book an appointment with me directly please ring the usual NUDGE number 07932 678790 or email me at penny@nudgeacupuncture.co.uk