Comments from patients – 2015

As part of the 2015 Nudge Review I have uploaded a series of fresh comments collected from recent patients. Here is one particular story that I was very touched by. Thank you to a brave and very special woman. 

i had a serious trAffic accident abroad in 2013. After the first life saving operation in kampala, i found out that i needed further surgery ( two  more operations as it turned out) to repair my badly fractured pelvis ( my right hip socket had neen shattered) and give me a new hip. due to the severity of the injury…after my hip socket was repaired, i had eight months to wait before i could have my new hip. during this time i used  crutches …on one leg….and spent many months in the house, as i could not get out without help. while i have excellent surgeons and physio support, i really wanted a therapist who could support me on a healing journey which was going be much longer than i had first expected and whose skills would compliment those of the surgeons and physios providing a holistic overview. penny has been and continues to be a wonderful support. not only is she a generous and gifted healer she is an extremely wise and intuitive counsellor with an excellent sense of humour …and one ear definitely tuned to the divine.

so many many thanks penny..for helping me through very challenging times.

and for helping me get back on my feet … with a shimmy in my step!

I thought you might be interested to read patients’ own thoughts about Nudge. Please get in touch if you want to discuss any aspect of acupuncture treatment.