Pulse diagnosis

Many patients ask what I am actually feeling when I take the pulse on each wrist during treatment. The article here is one of the most helpful introductions for patients to understand more about the process. It is written by Jennifer Dubowsky an American acupuncturist. 
Why is pulse diagnosis such a large part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)? Because thousands of years ago when Chinese medicine theories began to develop, there were no x-rays or MRIs available to produce pictures of the insides of our bodies. Therefore, in their wisdom, the ancient Chinese doctors created external methods designed to understand the body’s interior, including: observation; careful questioning; tongue diagnosis; and pulse diagnosis. 
See more at: http://qiblog.emperors.edu/2014/09/pulse-power-understanding-tcm-pulse-diagnosis/#sthash.4yB96Zw2.dpuf