The link between acupuncture and downward-facing dog?

Downward facing dog is one of the most well known yoga poses. It is often captured on yoga websites as it shows off the practitioner’s toned and enviable body! However it is ubiquitous in yoga practice for beginners and experienced people because of its ability to support the Bladder channel – the longest and most Yang of the meridians. It traveled from the pinky toe to the top of the head and down the back in two lines. Opening up and getting the Bladder channel to work well encourages Qi and blood to flow smoothly and find balance. 

In this recent Acutake article Sara Calabro tells readers about its functioning and why it is so important for overall health. She also describes when an acupuncturist is likely to choose to treat the Bladder meridian on the patient’s back. See more information by clicking here.