It’s in the Twist!

This is an interesting article from the Guardian. It outlines some recent research from USA about the needling of mice for their sore paws. It showed how pain relieving chemicals are released at the site of the needles. But it also showed that twisting the needles periodically during the treatment helped to make the treatment more effective. Now NUDGE patients know that since I watched Dr Fatima’s needle insertions I have been twisting (manipulating) the needles as they go in and periodically, if the patient can cope with it, during treatment.
“The view that acupuncture has little benefit beyond the placebo effect has really hampered research into the technique,” said Maiken Nedergaard, a neuroscientist at the University of Rochester medical centre in New York state, who led the study.
“Some people think any work in this area is junk research, but I think that’s wrong. I was really surprised at the arrogance of some of my colleagues. We can benefit from what has been learned over many thousands of years,” Nedergaard said.
“I believe we’ve found the main mechanism by which acupuncture relieves pain. Adenosine is a very potent anti-inflammatory compound and most chronic pain is caused by inflammation.”
Of course we know from our college lectures that manipulating needles either to tonify or to reduce the Qi’s activity is part of the treatment. But I have watched many practitioners leaving the needles exactly as they are. Anyway an interesting summary is given here. Tell me what you think.