5000 views of the NUDGE website!

The 5000th view of NUDGE www in 2015 was recorded last night. 
There wasn’t much of a fanfare ??? but I am really pleased to know that the practice information, biographical material and regular blogs are hitting the spot. The statistics show that a number of different people visit the website every day. Sometimes readers just click on the contacts page and others roam about for a good spell of reading and catching up on all things acupuncture. I am glad it is reaching both Manchester patients and those interested in a treatment and those with a wider interest in acupuncture. 

Well done to WordPress for giving such excellent data. It really helps to see who is visiting, what they are looking at and how long they spend on the website. Of course it doesn’t give names, but aggregated information only! 

One of the favourite bits is the blog. I guess that’s obvious, but what I hadn’t realised is that the material there (this is the 222nd blogpost!) comes up for people who are searching widely for a topic. So even though I may have posted something on say … Back pain in 2014 the search engine will find it in an old blog and direct the reader to it. When you write posts you tend to think they have gone within a few days, but it’s great to know they are still of value a year or two later.


So this gives me a great incentive to keep up the blogposts and please keep reading and commenting! Thank you. Meanwhile here is a New Yorker article on the 14 most read blogs in 2014. This may surprise you.