A recent article from Australia illustrates a practice I have been using in my clinic for two years. It wasn’t “invented” by Keri Krieger in her Sydney practice – I watched Dr Fatima in Nepal applying hot Basalt stones to Ren, Du and Ashi points for pain relief and nourishing Qi in 2014. And she has been using stones for 50 years! Small stones placed in the palms of the patients for the duration of the treatment brings a soothing and generating effect to Ht8 and Pc8. I use a large ‘Belly’ stone for central points and on Ren 4- 6 for Kidney deficiency. I also have a tiny set of stones to place between the toes. This seems to give excellent short term relief for foot pain, including from chilblains and bunions.
An old slow cooker from the loft sits bubbling away like a witches cauldron in the corner of my clinic room, ready for patients with deficiency and pain. My cousin made some little pouches to put the stones into, so that they aren’t applied directly – all to the design I saw Dr Fatima use at her Bouddha clinic. Buy them from Amazon. Try it!