Thinking about the ‘small things’ …

  This article is targeted at those engaged in humanitarian work abroad. But I found it in an interesting read, reflecting on the small things we all do in the clinic room to make our acupuncture patients feel better. Thank you to the author Anaïs Rességuier and to @Frameworkorg for the tweet. 

 “In humanitarian work, Paul Bouvier reminds us of the value of “very little things”, “small things… so derisory that they rarely dare to appear in reports, accounts, and media articles on humanitarian action in the field”. They may take different shapes: “like a cup of coffee, pictures of flowers, animals, and landscapes, or a few drops of perfume” (Bouvier, 2012). Or they may be a particular look or smile, a cigarette shared with a beneficiary, a brief chat with a refugee child, or a sense of shared commitment across one’s team or organisation, as I recently heard in my interviews with humanitarian actors in Jordan and Lebanon. These experiences are not the “cherry on the cake”, they are the cake itself: the main chunk of what makes our lives meaningful and worth living. What are these little things actually about? Paul Bouvier sees them as “intense moments; moments of shared humanity”.
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