NUDGE Opening was a treat!

Thanks to everyone who came to the launch of NUDGE and to the Kath Locke staff who helped make it happen.

upside down launch


It was an exciting day for me, not knowing who would come through the door next. I made some lovely connections with people from teams based in the Centre, as well as members of the core staff of Big Life. It was interesting to talk to Fathers against Violence, @City SouthHousing, Unlimited Potential and Northern Light Counselling. Alderley Acupuncture popped in as well as Sandi Spurgeon – a Stockport-based acupuncturist.

Visitors were able to talk about acupuncture and how it can benefit a range of conditions, have their pulses taken and examine the sterile needles used. They browsed the BAcC Fact Sheets and reference books on Chinese Medicine, as well as eating cake and drinking tea! Some people will be coming for treatment shortly and i will be talking to others about how we might work together to bring better health to a range of service users locally.

Me taking pulses