Launch of NUDGE is one week away!

I am getting excited about the launch and open day of NUDGE Acupuncture at the Kath Locke Centre on Thursday 24th October from 12 noon to 6 pm. Come along for discussions, information, FAQs, taster sessions and to book appointments,  plus cake and tea!

Take a close look at the needles I use, the moxa that is burnt to warm specific points on the body and some of the ancient text books and modern reference books that guide my practice. Read the FAQ sheets on over thirty conditions that acupuncture may be able to help and browse the British Acupuncture Council webpage for more information and news about recent research on the efficacy of acupuncture.

I will be happy to discuss your specific needs and give you an honest appraisal of whether I think acupuncture could help.

Hope to see you there!

Kath Locke Centre
123 Moss Lane East
Moss Side
M15 5DD
Telephone: 0161 455 0211
Fax: 0161 455 0213