Kim Kardashian relaxes with an acupuncture facial!

This article in Hello! Magazine shows


 a famous celebrity who is expecting Kanye West’s baby in three months going for what appears to be called Vampire Treatment.  I’m not sure about the eye make-up – doesn’t look hygenic does it! 

Sara Calabro – an acupuncturist who blogs regularly from noticed this piece of news about our Kim. This is what she wrote – My Google Alerts are set up to notify me every time a mainstream media outlet mentions acupuncture. For the past two weeks, I’ve been getting pinged more often than usual.

That’s because on March 24—brace yourselves—Kim Kardashian got acupuncture and Instagramed a picture of her face full of needles!

Of course, no one cares about this nearly as much as the media would have us believe. However, when celebrities publicize their use of acupuncture, it generates a lot of new interest and questions about acupuncture—and that’s something we do care about.

So, why did Kim Kardashian have so many needles stuck in her face?

Since I’m unfortunately not the acupuncturist charging Kardashian by the hour, I can’t say for certain why she got this particular treatment. But given the number of needles in her face, it’s likely that at least part of her session involved cosmetic or facial rejuvenation acupuncture.

Another blogger Martha Lucas adds:

People who are in poor general health are less likely to see cosmetic results from acupuncture. If someone who is in poor health comes to see me for cosmetic acupuncture, I’ll tell them that we need to first work on building up their general health before we can begin cosmetic treatments. There has to be a certain amount of qi to build on in order to produce cosmetic improvements.

People with a lot of sun damage can be unpredictable in their outcomes. I’ve had some people with sun damage have excellent results while others have taken longer.

By the time people are 40, regardless of how their skin looks, they should start receiving cosmetic acupuncture. It is a lot easier to prevent wrinkles than it is to make them go away.