Edzard Ernst is fired!

On his blog Edzard Ernst announces that he has been dropped from the Editorial Board of Homeopathy. Scourge of complementary medicine, Prof Ernst says “Whatever the explanation, I think it is regrettable that the journal ‘Homeopathy’ has now lost the only editorial board member who had the ability to openly and repeatedly display a critical attitude about homeopathy – remember: without a critical attitude progress is unlikely!”

Wikipedia,s entry for Ernst states: Edzard Ernst is an academic physician and researcher specializing in the study of complementary and alternative medicine. Ernst was appointed Professor of Complementary Medicine at the University of Exeter, the first such academic position in the world. Ernst is the editor-in-chief of a medical journal: Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies. Ernst’s writing appeared in a regular column in The Guardian, where he reviewed news stories about complementary medicine from an evidence-based medicine perspective. Since his research began on alternative modalities, Ernst has been seen as “the scourge of alternative medicine” for publishing critical research that exposes methods that lack documentation of efficacy.